Files What they do
COPYING License terms
css stylesheets folder
images a folder containing images
listlib.c Linked list library
listlib.h Header file to include
Makefile Build instructions for GNU make
Makefile.html A simplistic Makefile web page
Makefile.tml Used by tml to build web page
navbar.tml Includable tml file
README.txt Instructions (TML format)
simple.html Demo web page
simple.tml TML file to generate demo web page
str.c String library to strip and reverse
str.h Header file
styleswitcher.js JavaScript to switch styles
test.c String library test
tml.exe Windows version of TML
tml.h Header file
tml.html Instructions (HTML format)
tml.l Main code
tml.tml Instructions (TML format)
url.c URL handling library
url.h Header file
usage syntax download web design contributors
freespeech js editor anchor
tml for c tml for word
evening club mix circuits daylight